Mary Born:

Music Saves My Life Everyday!

Thanks For Listening!

I am an artist/musician/composer with an spectacular life story. I taught myself to play and compose music in a home for abused children.

My songs have been covered and considered by Grammy award-winning artists and American Idols. Featured in film, television and radio, including “Stay”, “Stay With Me” performed by my teenage rock band “Coal”, featured in Kevin Smith’s indie blockbuster “Chasing Amy”.

Music means everything to me. I am a multi-instrumentalist (the strings) a neurosurgery survivor with severe memory impairment. Music helps me overcome my life’s greatest challenges. My diary, a nearly one thousand song catalog is a story filled with heroes and silver linings. Thanks for listening!



  1. inspirational stuff, always wondered who was the woman behind the amazing voice in ‘Stay’

  2. I loved that story. That was fucking awesome. I used to feel sorry for myself cause my friends had it better than me but once I grew up I met so many people that made my life seem like an over privileged story of excess. Great tone on the instruments, great voice. I hope the best for her, only wish I had heard the song from Chasing Amy. Will have to re-watch that movie.