Mary Born:

Music Saves My Life Everyday!

Be My Friend

Friends, YOU, are why I am here. It IS all about you.


I need you more than ever.


I need your advice, your help, and your suggestions. My diary’s pages are meant for you in song.

Thank you SO much for your years of support and patronage.


Thank you, for the food on my table, the clothes on my back, even my lifesaving brain surgery, is all thanks to YOU through my best friend in music.



Thank you for keeping my teenage heartbreak anthem, “Stay With Me” as featured in Kevin Smith’s indie blockbuster “Chasing Amy” alive for all of these years!


To all of you who bought the pirated copy of my song, “Stay”, my band “Coal” for the ten years that it sold without my knowledge, I can’t wait to hear what you think of ALL of my recorded versions!


For the first time, since the now-classic movie graced the big screen, “Stay With Me” has a place to call home.  One of my favorite songs, it is finally featured on my long-awaited ten-years-in-the-making record, “Volume”.


Thanks for keeping me alive! Your audience, is one that I do not deserve. Let me be a humble servant to the stage and song and express everything to you that I love about music. Music saved my life, many times. Music saves my life every day, and photographs my memories forever.


My dramatic life is an uphill climb, but with YOU standing by side, there is NOTHING that +WE+ can not accomplish.:-)


My childhood dream was and is, to change the world.  Hopefully, someday, you and I can be reunited through radio airplay.


If I make a difference in this world, with you, through music’s help, my life will have made sense. Everything happens for a reason, I’d like to believe. I believe in miracles.


Thank you for being my friend.


Thank you for witnessing me. My life. My music. And my story until it’s end.

Thank you.


For listening.


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  1. Freakin add your bff