Mary Born:

Music Saves My Life Everyday!


My ability to play live music has been taken away from me.


I am fighting for my life, with life threating health deficits and injuries. My live statement will be true, if I can be mended. I believe in miracles.


I opened up for Elvis Costello just last year, as a warm up for a long-planned world tour. In support of my ten-years-in-the-making album “Volume”, years of contract negotiations, are null & void until I become uninjured.


Friends, fans, even enemies;-), I am collecting prayers, in the hope that someday soon, I will be able to play music again. My life depends on it.


Thank you so much for your support. Post-miracle cure, the following live statement will be true. Thanks for listening.:-)


We sold out, at  the Whiskey, the Viper room, and The House Of Blues, with my teenage band “Coal”. I’ve been lucky enough to share stages with my favorite music legends.

Live, I get a chance to tell you how each song was born. And stories, like why, despite being born and raised in LA, I sing with a Southern accent. (foster care)


On arena stages, next to the greatest musicians in the world, as a headliner, or playing any one of my many instruments,  I love touring and wherever the road will take me on its way to you.

Live, I get to add a never-before-heard ten minute ending to an old song. Or start playing a Dylan song, that segues into the White Stripes before merging into a song of my own. Audience involvement and taking your lead is what makes the concert special from the record.


My favorite performers are servants to their audiences offering sacrifices of blisters and sweat. I long to be like them. If you have a place for me to play, an event, or an occasion,  along with everything I have to give, every chord and cover I know, every song I’ve ever written and every instrument that I know how to play, I will be there.


With a big band’s and brass section, or, just me, a one-girl-band, it will take days, weeks, months and years before I run out of songs, steam, or something new to give to you.


I hope that someday, this page reads live world-wide tour dates. I promise to keep you posted. Thank you for your prayers and support!